Quality Learning International (QLI) partners with its clients to develop world-class talent that delivers world-class service and products. We offer consulting, customized training, and coaching services targeted at maximizing each client’s performance and tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Our 16 years of serving customers in high-tech, pharmaceuticals, communications, mining, chemicals, manufacturing, sales, snack and beverage, and service industries have shown us that our approach is highly-valued by our customers: wepartner with them to tailor programs aligned to their strategy and competitive environment, rather than provide canned solutions.

In an increasingly competitive global economy, more companies are realizing that their employees are their greatest asset: a well-prepared workforce is no longer a competitive advantage, it is a business imperative. Our QLI team provides consulting and training in:

  • Conducting Human Performance Improvement Needs Assessments
  • Developing Effective Senior Leaders
  • Developing Mid-level Leaders
  • Developing Early and Mid-career High Potentials
  • Change Leadership
  • Leadership & Organizational Culture Transformation
  • Developing Effective Global Leaders
  • Executive Presentations Skills
  • Performance Management & Feedback
  • Intercultural Communications
  • “Train-the-Trainer” for subject matter experts
  • Executive Coaching
  • Teambuilding/Leading Teams/Chartering Teams

Do your leaders have the skills they need to lead your organization into the future? Our team delivers results: feedback received from thousands of program participants average 4.8+/5.0 for our programs, and nearly perfect 4.9+/5.0 for our facilitators. 

If you would like to learn more about how we can help, call us at 321.724.1917 or email us at curtis@globalqli.com.

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