Global Services

Quality Learning International’s central mission is to partner with its customers to develop world-class talent. Working closely with our European, Japanese, Australian, Latin American and US clients, we provide services ranging from conducting leadership workshops around the globe to developing cross-cultural curricula for a major high-tech company. Our multilingual staff offers our customers two decades of international experience. We help organizations develop culturally competent leaders and employees with the skills required for conducting business in complex multi-cultural environments. We are certified in world-class cultural tools such as the Global Competencies Inventory, the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale, and the Cultural Detective (see the clip for a description). These tools are readily integrated into customized program designs.

We also offer training in:

  • Building Trust Across Cultures
  • Teambuilding in Global Organizations
  • Managing Intercultural Conflict
  • Global Leadership
  • Communicating Across Cultures Effectively
  • Resolving Conflict Across Cultures

Curtis D. Curry leads our global consulting practice. Curtis has an MBA and an MA in International Studies, and possesses nearly three decades of international management, training and coaching experience. His past experience includes: 

  • Served as past director of World Trade Center Miami’s World Trade Institute of the Americas responsible for developing training programs for international banks, exporters, importers, and other businesses
  • Coached scores of global leaders and high potentials
  • Conducted dozens of leadership training programs in North and South America, Europe and Asia
  • Served as past director of the US Peace Corps training center for Honduras & Nicaragua
  • Responsible for developing cross-cultural curriculum as Master Trainer for Peace Corps Honduras & Nicaragua
  • Teaches international business and leadership at Florida Tech



QLI is proud to partner with FIT’s Institute for Cross-Cultural Management. Our joint goal is to combine cutting edge cross-cultural psychological and business research with practical global business experience to create innovative, effective learning programs and tools to support global business and industry. You may learn more about ICCM here.