Leadership Training

QLI helps organizations reach their full potential by assessing which areas of the business can be improved through training. QLI first meets with leadership to ensure that training is aligned with the organization's vision, mission and values while targeting specific employee competencies for development. 

After training, QLI undertakes a feedback and analysis process to determine how effectively training has been applied and how it might be of further use in the future. QLI focuses on truly improving employee performance, pursuing specific goals with its training regimen.  Our services consistently exceed our clients' expectations, receiving a 4.8+/5.0 rating for course quality and 4.9+/5.0 for instructor quality, on average.



Business Leadership and Development (BLADE)

Early and mid-career high potential leaders attend an experiential, feedback-rich workshop where they receive multi- rater feedback, feedback on their behavioral styles and emotional intelligence, and expand their skills about some of the business acumen competencies necessary to continue their development as leaders. They participate in team-based activities designed to heighten self-awareness and have an opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other leaders.

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Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD)

LEAD, a highly participative 30-hour workshop, provides leaders with 360-degree feedback, feedback on their behavioral preferences, and feedback on their decision-making styles. Formal feedback, both 360- feedback and feedback on personality, behavioral styles, and decision-making preferences coupled with developmental planning and goal setting, should be a part of any world-class leadership development effort, and are central features of LEAD.

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Organizational Leadership Effectiveness (OLÉ)

OLÉ is a dynamic, 30-hour program focusing on organizational culture and the role of leaders in promoting the development of a positive, productive organization. OLÉ is an advanced leadership workshop that provides a logical next learning step after the feedback intensive, individual-focused LEAD and the business leadership focused BLADE.

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