Management Training

QLI staff works closely with clients to tailor programs to fit their needs. Over 20,000 managers have been trained by QLI staff since 1996. For our loyal customers, our extensive experience in the training and development field translates into the ability to:

  • Tailor programs using the best materials on the market to meet the customer’s specific needs
  • Use a variety of instructional materials, learning tools, and instruments to increase training impact
  • Through such customization, ensure the highest return on the client’s training investment

Below, we share an example of our work with a large client in the technology sector.

The Challenge

A large high-tech organization wanted to improve preparation and retention of early and mid-career high-potential employees (HiPos).

Our Approach

Our organization conducted best practice research on world-class HiPo programs, met with company leaders, linked learning goals to the organization’s key leadership competencies and company strategy, and created a highly experiential feedback intensive program (FIP) for the client.

The FIP was incorporated into the client’s leadership curriculum. Each new HiPo workshop featured a CEO kick-off, 360-degree feedback, Team Dimensions Profile, team-building activities, presentations by executives, a module on global leadership and an online MIT-created business simulation. The program also featured follow-up one-on-one Jumpstart Coaching sessions with each participant to set and review leadership development goals. It incorporated one-hour pre tele-training sessions for participants’ leaders to orient them to the goals of the program and a follow-on session to coach them on how to best support their HiPo’s development efforts back on the job.

Customer Impact

The highly praised program received an overall evaluation average of 4.8+/5.0 and the instructors 4.9+/5.0. The feedback, coaching, and mentoring components helped HiPos chart a clearer career course. While most were eager to pursue high-level leadership roles, other preferred to remain in technical leadership positions. This helped ensure better job fit for highly valued employees.

More than 200 HiPos from the US and Europe participated in the program, helping the organization create a high-potential pool to fill its leadership pipeline.