Team Building

Being able to collaborate effectively is a cornerstone to any successful business.  We teach skills and develop frameworks necessary to bridge the gap between differing personalities and cultures within organizations, capitalizing on the unique strengths of employees while ensuring that they are able to perform in concert to achieve the corporate mission.  Below, we share an example of our work with the Americas Division of a Global Fortune 500 company.

The Challenge

After the Americas Division of a Global Fortune 500 company acquired a number of large businesses, it faced a patch-quilt of business units. The company sought to create a unified culture by aligning the top management team around the organization’s new mission, vision and values.

Our Approach

Our organization worked with senior leadership and the human resources team to define an overall approach. The effort to transform the customer’s culture focused on three levels: individual leadership, company values, & corporate culture.

Leadership & Company Values: A confidential 360-degree leadership feedback survey incorporating questions focused on “living organizational values” was administered to the company’s top 50 leaders. Results were aggregated at the organizational level to provide further insights on overall organizational strengths/weaknesses.

Corporate Culture: The Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) was administered to a broad cross-section of employees throughout the company to identify cultural strengths and weaknesses. Survey results were analyzed and an extensive report created. During a business transformation kick-off session led by the CEO, Executive Steering Team Chair and our consultant, ten leadership teams identified root causes of specific assigned problem areas and developed actionable solutions to reduce the gap between the existing and desired culture.

Our consultant provided post-session “jumpstart” coaching for each of the top 55 executives to debrief the 360 and explore individual leadership strengths and development areas.

Customer Results

Leader expectations of the senior team were created & shared with the C-level team. Individual leaders set and shared with the CEO: a personal leadership improvement goal; goals for their respective leadership teams to improve the organizational culture and promote the vision, mission and values.

High-priority action plans that had been drafted during the kick-off session were solidified to create alignment among various pieces of the organization and cascaded down through the company.

A communication & recognition strategy was developed to keep employees involved & to recognize ongoing accomplishments in achieving business transformation.